Triggering & Notifications

Streamline IT Incident Management with Automation


-> Triggers

  • Triggers are business rules you define that run immediately after tickets are created or updated.
  • Using triggers, you can automatically assign a incident or request to a specific support agent or support group based on the email address it was sent to.
  • Triggers contain conditions and actions. You combine these to create ‘if’ and ‘then’ statements.
  • You build condition and action statements using ticket properties, field operators, and the ticket property values.

-> Notifications

  • Notifications are similar to triggers, because both define conditions and actions that modify ticket properties and optionally send email notifications to customers and the support staff.
  • They differ at automations run when a time event occurs after a ticket property was set or updated, rather than immediately after a ticket is created or updated.
  • Only administrators can create and manage automations.
  • Automations help you to manage the workflow and measure performance because they can alert you to tickets that remain unresolved and need to be escalated.

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