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Improve the efficiency by reducing the need to Re-discover the knowledge


Reduce workload and service delivery time by providing an integrated self-service knowledge base portal to your users. Servicedesk software includes a user-friendly help desk self-service portal to allow IT administrators to better service end users. Channel tickets and requests in an organized fashion that’s easier to handle and quicker to resolve. Reduce the number of calls and email requests made to your service Desk by empowering the users to help themselves 24x7x366 days of the year.

  • A conventional data that support more than one user or system logged into the same data at the same time.
  • Data is maintained with integrity and consistency that can be accessed by concurrent users.
  • Knowledge base can be access control so that some content or topics may be private to some groups.
  • End Users can subscribe, Vote and Reply to the knowledgebase placed on the customer portal.

-> Knowledge feedback

  • You can view and contribute to feedback on knowledge articles. Flag an article as incorrect or inappropriate, Provide a rating value for the article, Mark an article as helpful or not helpful, View comments, add a new comment, or reply to existing comments.
  • Record knowledge for future reference and training purposes.
  • Add resolutions to incidents and problems to the knowledge base as solutions. Keep track of the approval status for each solution in the application.
  • Allow end users to view selected solutions in the self-service portal by defining specific access permissions.

-> Searching Knowledge

You can search for knowledge articles from the knowledge homepage using the search bar at the top of the page.

-> Categories and Topics

All the knowledge base articles can be classified in to different categories and can assign the topics to its relevant categories.

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