A full featured set in ITSM with organized process



Gain direct visibility into business priorities through integration with a single click.


Allow your end-users to submit attached files to your Servicedesk, Covers attachments by email too.


Enable or disable incident tagging. Also, agents can change the requester on existing tickets and add CCs to an incident.


Customize the Incident create form with custom fields.


Historic Data

Problem will be recorded with full historic record. This will be with date and time stamped to allow suitable control for escalation. A cross-reference will be made to the incident(s) which initiated the "Problem Record".

Known Error Record

After the investigation is complete and a workaround (or even a permanent solution) has been found, a solution will be raised and placed in the solutions entity Database in order to resolve further similar problems.

Strong interface

Problem Management will maintain information about problems and the appropriate workarounds and resolutions, to reduce the number and impact of incidents over time. In this respect, Problem Management has a strong interface with Knowledge Management.


Prioritize a problem implies to keep into account the impact of the incidents and the frequency of the occurrences. Problem prioritization will take into account the severity of the problems.



All the changes made in the planning are reviews regularly and the status of the review is monitered under review feature in the change management.


In Servicedesk Change Management we have another feature Reminder, which help us in implementing the changes when, what and at what time to be implemented as a reminder notification.

Change is responsible for managing process involving

In Servicedesk Change Management we have another feature Reminder, which help us in implementing the changes when, what and at what time to be implemented as a reminder notification.



"Fingertip access” to contract terms and data allows people to react quickly to new scenarios.

Renewal Reminders

Reminder Reminders help to evaluate your options and optimize contract terms before renewal dates.


For most people is to get all of their existing paper contracts in a central visible place. If you have no clear idea what contracts you have, then you have no idea what your potential risk exposure is.


You can track where all your contracts are, the next step is to track any important data so you don’t miss any. This affects both old contracts and newly signed contracts.

Purchase Order

Purchasing Cycle

"Geting Requirement from User Department and Send the inquiry to the Vendors(Suppliers). Get the questions from Vendors.

Invoice and Payments

"For each and every purchase order we can track invoice and payments. Which helps in tracting the expenses of the organization.


Buying Material at right quality, right quantity, from the right source, at the right price, delivered at the right place in, at the right time, with right mode of transport and With right cintact.


Linking Assets

Add relationship among the assets.

Expenses and Maintenance

Track all asset expenses and maintain cost depreciation.


Manage all your different operating systems. Manage your mobile device inventory, including company issued and BYOD in a single place.

IT/ Non-IT Warranty Details Automatically

Keeps track of your records up to date by automatically pulling hardware warranty information from all hardware manufacturers.


In co-relevance with Incident

Alert Management monitors and handles all events occurring throughout the IT services and systems


Every Alert runs through a set of standardized activities and procedures in order to ensure effective and efficient processing.

Knowledge base

Searching Knowledge

You can search for knowledge articles from the knowledge homepage using the search bar at the top of the page.

Categories and Topics

All the knowledge base articles can be classified in to different categories and can asssign the topics to its relavent categories.


Basic Traits

Challenge, Competition, Rules and Goals are the 4 basic traits for the user to achive the badges.


The use of gaming techniques enables the leveraging of intrinsic rewards to motivate long term job performance and satisfaction.

Gaming Process

Gamification in recruiting efforts to fill Service Management process assignments.

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