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Manage your orders, inventory and customers from
one place.Increase your sales and fulfill orders efficiently.

Features at a glance


Balanced Inventory

Balance your stock between too-much to too-little in warehouse. Bizbee helps you to prevent stock shortages, missing out on sales and allows you to keep just enough inventory without having too much in the warehouse.


Security Setup

Loss of data can be detrimental to workflow and extremely expensive.With our Bizbee you can make your business safe & private. Bizbee inventory management protect your data from theft or hacking.


Organized Warehouse

Manage multiple warehouses efficiently across all locations on a single platform.Bizbee lets you transfer stock between warehouses and also keeping track of picking, packing and shipping items from a warehouse to customer.


Mobile application

Now run your business at your fingertips with our Bizbee.Manage your products,orders, purchases, sales and customers with a single click from anywhere using Inventory app.


Customer Relationship Management

Bizbee automatically records your customer’s order and purchase history, so you can understand customers behavior,thus you can provide more personal customer experience.



With our Bizbee now you can able to meet customer's demand quickly with real time shipping rates.Bizbee helps you meet this demand by allowing you to have products on-hand as soon as your customers need them.

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    “Bizbee Inventory played crucial role in tracking the sales & improving the customer engagement. Bizbee brought a visibiity & accoountability in our sales team”
    Sushil Kumar
    Co-founder & CEO of My Perfect Fit
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    “ Bizbee Inventory acted as a virtual personal assistant in improving our sales teams performance. Mobile CRM giving the quick & latest information about leads/deals for sales team to act ”
    Ramesh Varma
    Managing Partner of TechPack Solutions
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    “Bizbee Inventory acted as a system of record for our customers/deals by giving deeper insights about customer thinking.”
    Prateek Virmani
    Founder of Funds Buddy