About Bizbee

  • About Us

    Bizbee is a self serviced business process automation software addressing SMB and enterprises at a time.
    Bizbee comes with 100+ default apps covering multiple industries with all their day to day common business processes. Customers simply register to bizbee and start using apps by just installing the right one(s). If they find any deviation from default nature of app, then they can customize it in few clicks without any knowledge about software & coding.
    Business processes are brought into consumer level as different apps, with rich collaboration capability. Users can collaborate with each other who are in same or different departments, different user groups, (or) different companies all together without any difference. Multiple collaboration channels supported are - EMAIL, SMS single as well as group), CALL (single as well as group), Chat (single as well as group), Slack, Calendaring, SLA tracking, Work effort estimations.
    Efficiency of the users can be improved with the "Gamification" feature that embedded in the platform.

    Add to this the thoughtfully presented documentation, featuring code highlighting, snippets, class customizer explanation and you've got yourself one powerful value package.

  • Team

    Sridhar Gudiseva, founder & CEO of the company. 37 year old entrepreneur, and father of a 6 year old kid.
    He has close to 20 years of industry experience in handling the customer relationships, product development, scaling, security and support. He has to have in-depth knowledge and experience in building the product from zero lines of code to one that has effectively handled 3 billion transactions per day.
    He has also leaded and developed both in engineering teams and client-oriented custom projects, consumer based applications, and enterprise products, leading from front.

  • Bizbee Mantra

    • SaaS and self-serviceable.
    • Users should be able access the product within an hour of signing up.
    • Interface is made is self-understandable.
    • Customers can use this service without any hassles.
    • Pricing is made appropriate to S-M-B.