Any channel. Any device. Any time. Any place ITSM Service Desk Software.
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Flexible to use ITSM Service Desk in any direction


Flexibility to build your own knowledge base system. Allow users to resolve common support issues by themselves.


Reports include all critical success factors, key performance indicators. All the reports are customizable and user defined reports.

Service Levels

Achieve service levels and compare them with agreed targets. This can be circulated to customers and all other relevant parties.

How ITSM Service Desk works for you

Create Incident or Request

Incidents can be created in many ways like submit incidents from home page, from feedback tab, login to user portal and submit,etc. When recuring incidents occur then will create it as a problem.

Create problem and associate incidents

When recuring incidents appear the a problem is created and all the incidents are associated to it. An investigation will be conducted to try to diagnose the root cause of the problem. A permanent solution will be applied to eliminate the source causing incidents.

Approve and plan for change

In this context we ensure that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes to control IT infrastructure, in order to minimize the number of any related incidents and problem. Log changes from incidents and problems and track them at every step of the cycle.

We’ll help you along the way


Consumers often flood you with purchase enquiries regarding product features, discounts etc. Respond to queries in a timely manner. Bridging the communication gap between suppliers and vendors.


To respond to destination related queries, the ITSM Service Desk support center provides a knowledge base and FAQ section for your travelers. Use ITSM Service Desk service as your centralized servicedesk.

IT Services

ITSM Service Desk is a centralized system that can host all the incoming issues, organize them and manage each issue individually based on priority, type and channels. Using automation rules in ITSM Service Desk, your company can automate repetitive tasks.

Real Estate

To encourage buyers and agents, real estate firms need to respond to their queries, give them easy access to property information and also give good post-sales service and support team can respond to in time.


ITSM Service Desk acts as a holistic government contact center to provide responses to queries, have mails from people and effective management of stakeholders and communicate with free manner.


ITSM Service Desk lets you gather feedback from customers and process it, so your company can enhance its service delivery. It is an intuitive telecom service desk software that can organize all queries regarding plans, offers and complaints.

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