Intuitive custom Reporting & Dashboards


Reports highlights the necessary service measurement and reporting development activities across the service lifecycle. They are necessary for the execution of other processes, and are executed by those processes throughout the service lifecycle.

  • Standard formats shall be used for dashboards, scorecards, reports, logs, etc.
  • Reports shall include all agreed goals, critical success factors, key performance indicators (KPI) for each service.
  • Reports are transparent and available across management layers and departments (Like Senior IT leadership, mid level managers, front line managers, process owners, process manager.
  • All the reports are customizable and user defined reports.

-> Framework

  • Target groups and the services delivered, what should be measured and therefore reported upon. Access to the reports at regular intervals.
  • Stunning reports and visualizations allow intuitive exploration of data.
  • ITSM Service Desk has been developed to take the complexity out of service desk reporting and help users get the data and insights they need without intense developer involvement.
  • well-defined and controlled process leads to the effective handling of these reports can be created in ITSM Service Desk.

-> Access control

  • Can establish access control levels for reports based on organization information.
  • CReporting is classified by determining its priority and urgency. Reporting Management coordinates all incidental tasks within the context of 'Report building.
  • CEvery report runs through a set of standardized activities and procedures in order to ensure effective and efficient report.
  • CReports are regularly get updated and run at the scheduled time accurately.

-> Activities

Gathers data from various services and process the data and generate the report to check, what went well, what was not so good, how can we improve?

-> Metrics

We can calculate any type of metrics related to service like Customer Satisfaction, Average Handling time, Total Problem Resolution, First Call Resolution, Quality Scores, Staff Shrinkage, SLA, etc

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