Fun is just another word for learning in Service desk


-> Performance metering

  • Engaging technicians and motivating them to change behaviours, develop skills or solve problems.
  • Gamification is currently being applied to customer engagement, employee performance, training and education.
  • Depending on the performance, agent is awarded with points in each level and encourage.

-> Insights into agent productivity

  • ITSM Service Desk productivity Tracker provides the easy way to monitor, manage and optimise performance.
  • Monitor agency operations in real time.
  • Understand how they being able to observe the statistics of their performance can help you devise strategies to improve your customer support, discover underlying problems and solve them.

-> Gaming Process

Gamification in recruiting efforts to fill Service Management process assignments.

-> Basic Traits

Challenge, Competition, Rules and Goals are the 4 basic traits for the user to achive the badges.

-> Use

The use of gaming techniques enables the leveraging of intrinsic rewards to motivate long term job performance and satisfaction.

Gaming Service Management helps to learn and improve your performance.

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