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Servicedesk Solution Management Service provides comprehensive application management services to help you maintain, operate, and continually improve your solution implementation. It gives you a single point of contact for incident and problem management, proactive guidance to prevent issues and reduce downtime. The ability to out-task operational activities, and enhancements to increase your solution's value.

  • Total and average time for resolution of an incident will come down drastically with efficient and timely communication between teams.

-> Solutions categorization

  • Knowledge Management aims to gather, analyze, store and share knowledge and information within an organization.
  • The primary purpose of Knowledge Management is to improve efficiency by reducing the need to rediscover knowledge.
  • ITSM Service Desk categorizes solution management according to the solutions list given.

-> Solution mapping to key entities

  • Solution can be created for any of the entity like Alerts, Incidents, Problems, Changes and Assets.
  • Before publishing the solution it should be proved by the approver.
  • The created soluton is available and useful for both internal and external users.
  • We can map the solutions according to the categories or entities available.

-> Solutions access & visibility control

  • Access to create, edit and delete the solution is restricted by the administrator.
  • ITSM Service Desk has a visibility control of the created solution for both technicians and end user. It can be restricted accordingly.
  • Any technician can create solution but by default it will be saved in his own drafts and this will be visibile to ALL only when it is approved by the approvers according to approval policy.
  • It can be deleted only by the admintrator and can be edited by both administrator and created user if he has permission to delete.

-> Rich indexing & quick searchability

  • Solutions can be indexed manually by the admin.
  • If there are huge number of solutions then they can be easily searched with quick search feature.

-> Solution categorization & tree representation

  • ITSM Service Desk solution management can be categorized according to the categories created.
  • These categories are represneted in the form of tree structure for easy accessbility.
  • We can create as many as categories as main nodes or child nodes in a tree.
  • These categories can be created using the 'Plus' tab present above the navigation pane.

-> Reuse Knowledge

  • Allow your end users to resolve common support issues by themselves by creating templates and searchable tagging solutions for common issues.
  • Creating an incident in Servicedesk environment, dispatching the incident in the IT support until a note is found to fix the issue in solutions section.

-> Empower end-users

The users suggest ideas to improve your product and vote on existing suggestions. This way you know exactly what your user needs which help IT staff collaborate and share necessary information on open tickets to help with resolution.

-> Self-Service Portal

Reduce workload and service delivery time by providing an integrated self-service portal to your users. Servicedesk software includes a user-friendly help desk self-service portal to allow IT administrators to better service end users.

-> Edit

Modify solutions in your knowledge base, change visibility of solutions and collaborate with multiple solution creators when you edit draft solutions.

-> Harvest knowledge

Resolve incidents and document the incidents and resolutions for future use so as to save precious time and money. Servicedesk ensures that your knowledge base remains current and contemporary.

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