Purchase Order Management

Centralized and Optimized Purchase Order Management


Servicedesk automates the process of tracking contracts, renewals and consolidates software inventory, organizing it according to license entitlements. Users can get online reminders of upcoming renewals, capture proof of purchase, and better align software licensing costs with business needs.

Avoid duplication of purchase orders and With this handful of information, the organization can identify the key areas of spending.

  • Your purchases, payments made against each contract, store terms, quantities and purchase records are tracked.
  • Reminders help to evaluate your options and optimize contract terms before renewal dates.
  • License compliance in audits and reviews are done effectively.
  • Helps to be licensed at all times and be on top of your organization’s license compliance.

-> Objective

  • Record your purchases and associate purchase order IDs with their responsible technicians.Avoid duplication of purchase orders and track them easier with Centralized purchasing.
  • Keep watch over pending purchase orders and track them to closure.
  • Automatically populate fields such as organization name, billing address, shipping address, and tax rate to simplify the purchase order filing process.
  • Store invoice and payment details in the PO for future reference.

-> Approvals

  • We can manage the purchase order by aprrovals. No order is processed until the purchase order is aprroved. It is used to control the purchasing of products and services from external suppliers.
  • All the purchase orders can be categorized according to the vendor or supplier by the views we create.
  • Compare the prices from different vendors and list all assets by categorizing them based on product type along with its price.

-> Purchasing Cycle

Geting Requirement from User Department and Send the inquiry to the Vendors(Suppliers). Get the questions from Vendors.

-> Invoice and Payments

"For each and every purchase order we can track invoice and payments. Which helps in tracting the expenses of the organization.

-> Principles

Buying Material at right quality, right quantity, from the right source, at the right price, delivered at the right place in, at the right time, with right mode of transport and With right cintact.

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