Change Management

Maximize Speed and Minimize Risk in the change process


Servicedesk Change Management can ensure standardized methods, processes and procedures which are used for all changes, facilitate efficient and prompt handling of all changes, and maintain the proper balance between the need for change and the potential detrimental impact of changes. Servicedesk Change Management is a part of "Service Transition" - transitioning something newly developed (i.e. an update to an existing production environment or deploying something entirely new).

Any proposed change must be approved in the change management process. While change management makes the process happen, the decision authority is the Change Advisory Board (CAB), which generally is composed of people from other functions within the organization. The main activities of the change management are:

  • Filtering changes
  • Managing changes and the change process.
  • Chairing the CAB and the CAB/Emergency committee.
  • Reviewing and closing of Requests for Change.
  • Management reporting and providing management information

-> Change data and information capturing

  • The process of improving the effectiveness of a team through action research or other techniques.
  • The process of collecting data from change template filled out by employees of an organization, then feeding the data back to workgroups to provide a basis for problem analysis and change planning.
  • The change process is linked to business performance goals.

-> Multi level approval process

  • Each and every change has well defined approvals and policy assigned.
  • Change Management, impacts, risks, benefits, backout procedure, etc. have been evaluated and the approval authority agrees or refuses deployment.
  • The CAB authority approves significant, major and urgent changes.

-> Planning(Rollout, Backup plans etc)

  • Change Management involves planning, which helps in finding out the impact of the problem, Roll Out Plan and Back Out Plan.
  • Establishes change and release windows help an organization improve the planning throughout the changes and releases.
  • Planning involves how and when the changes will be communicated, and organize and/or deliver the changes.

-> Integrating with ITSM process

  • Each change is associated with problem and when an change status is changed then associated problem and associated incidents status is changed.
  • Establishes change and release windows help an organization improve the planning throughout the changes and releases.
Auto Assignment of Incidents

-> Different changes forms customization

  • ITSM Service Desk has a customized form template, which helps the user to add custom fields.

-> Future change calendars

  • Stores all the managed queries predefined filters when you look from Change Calendar configuration from application administration console.
  • When creating tasks, announcements, reminders, etc will get displayed on the dashboard according to the given intervals of time.

-> Tasks and User worklog capturing

  • Task management is a minor application and always integrated with major application like Change or incident or problem.
  • You can create a custom task template and can be used for while creating task of the same type.
  • Log in to your account, check the dashboard for the task and their status. Start working on it, update it.
  • You can prioritize the tasks and complete them in given time.

-> Review

All the changes made in the planning are reviews regularly and the status of the review is monitered under review feature in the change management.

-> Reminder

We have another feature Reminder, which help us in implementing the changes when, what and at what time to be implemented as a reminder notification.

-> Change is responsible for managing process involving

Hardware, communications equipment and software, System software and all documentation and procedures associated with the running live systems.

Standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes.

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