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Bizbee comprehensive automation tools manage all day-to-day activities.


Whether you are at the office or on the road, Bizbee Expense makes it easy to stay on top of your expenses. Record expenses as they happen, so that you don't have to carve out time from your already busy day.

Auto scan your receipts

Just photograph a receipt, and Bizbee Expense automatically saves the important details like the date, cost, and business name.

Add expenses easily

Record expenses as they happen. Attach a receipt, enter the cost, and pin the expense to a report. You can sort expenses by category, write notes, and add additional entry fields.

Create Per Diem rates

Create and allot per diem rates for all your employees and the countries to which they travel. Set unique food, cab and lodging allowances and ensure your employees don't spend beyond the allowed limit.

Merge Expenses

Merge similar expenses to avoid duplicate entries.

Map debit and credit cards

Automate debit/credit card and bank statement importing by mapping your cards in Bizbee Expense.

Click and convert

Take card transactions and convert them into expenses with the click of a button. Avoid double entry and duplicate expenses.

Create transactions specific to each warehouse​

Create and track your sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, and bills for all of your warehouses in a single place so you can operate your warehouse network in a unified way​.​

Debit and Credit Cards

Sync your debit and credit card transactions with Bizbee Expense. All your debit and credit card transactions are fetched daily, so you don't have to waste time re-entering expenses.​

Expense Reports

Bizbee Expense organizes your expenses into a clear report that you can submit with the click of a button.

Easy expense reporting

We've integrated with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify so you can expand your reach. Adjust inventory quantities across all channels when an order is received from an integrated sales channel

Keep a check on expenses

Monitor and fulfill orders from different channels from one central place. Improve efficiency and fulfill orders promptly.

Multiple Currencies

Buy and sell in multiple currencies and have them converted to your base currency. Pas de Problem!

Partial Receives

Receive products in multiple shipments for a single purchase order and automatically update stock levels when the goods have been received.

Sales Orders and Invoices

Create sales orders in seconds and convert them to invoices in a click. Also know the status of each sales order at a glance.

Purchase Orders and Bills

Create purchase orders in a few clicks and turn them into bills. Receives and bills are connected so that you know how much available stock you have at all times.

Partial order fulfillment

Fulfill orders in parts and use our package options to make sure nothing is lost in transit.

Order Management

One central place to manage your orders from different selling channels. Get instant status updates on orders and ensure you don't lose out on a sale.

Order Fulfillment

With our integrations, you can fulfill orders faster and efficiently. Automate processes and save a lot of time.

Smart shipping options

Get real-time shipping rates of different shipping services all in one place.

Generate Labels

Print packing slips and shipping labels right from the sales orders you send.

Get instant status updates

Keep tabs on your shipments at all times. Get automatic status updates on packages that have been delivered.

Drop Ship

Convert the Sales Order to a Purchase Order instantly and have the goods shipped directly from your vendor to your customer. There's no need to adjust your stock levels.

Intuitive dashboard

Get instant visibility into your business at a glance. Get details about unresolved tasks, important notifications, and the overall health of your business.

Sales reports

Know your best selling products with the sales reports. Also, get details about your best customers and their payment history.

Purchase reports

Get notified when items run low on stock and need to be re-stocked. Know when items will be received and details about outstanding payments.


Make informed business decisions with our insightful reports to optimize purchases, sales and everything in between.

For streamlined work that will drive your business forward

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    “Bizbee Invoice played crucial role in tracking the sales & improving the customer engagement. Bizbee brought a visibiity & accoountability in our sales team”
    Sushil Kumar
    Co-founder & CEO of My Perfect Fit
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    “ Bizbee Invoice acted as a virtual personal assistant in improving our sales teams performance. Mobile CRM giving the quick & latest information about leads/deals for sales team to act ”
    Ramesh Varma
    Managing Partner of TechPack Solutions
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    “Bizbee Invoice acted as a system of record for our customers/deals by giving deeper insights about customer thinking.”
    Prateek Virmani
    Founder of Funds Buddy