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Bizbee gains two business process management software awards from FinancesOnline

Bizbee gains two business process management software awards from FinancesOnline

Bizbee was recently recognized by industry experts with positive scores and high ratings, proving to one and all the usefulness and efficiency of our self-service business process automation platform. In its review, trusted B2B directory gave Bizbee a score of 8.0 out of 10 and an absolute user satisfaction rating of 100%, citing it as the perfect software that speeds up the performance and enhances the productivity of different core groups such as sales team, support team, internal employees, IT team, delivery team, customers, suppliers, vendors and other partners. It noted Bizbee’s vast selection of inbuilt solutions, all designed to streamline and accelerate the varying day-to-day activities of different stake holders especially of small and medium-sized businesses.

The highly favorable impression of reviewers led to the conferring on Bizbee of the 2017 Rising Star Award and Great User Experience Award in FinancesOnline’s BPM software reviews category. These esteemed awards are granted on products that have exceeded industry standards for their robust features and usability, and have gained traction with customers. Of particular note to the editors of FinancesOnline is Bizbee’s capability as a centralized platform to automate every business process from end to end without writing a single line of code. Of course, this is made possible because we have built over 100 default applications within the platform to handle all the day to day business processes of various industries, eliminating the need to use separate programs and systems for different tasks.

The awards brought in another form of recognition. In effect, Bizbee was catapulted in the category rankings of FinancesOnline and is now among its top 10 business process management software solutions, joining other leading BPM products. We are thrilled and honored with all these recognitions that we dedicate to the team of developers and support people behind Bizbee as well as to our countless customers who continue to benefit from our productivity tool. Much thanks to the independent reviewers of FinancesOnline. You have made us mighty proud!

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